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Celebrating in Community

IMG_7369We had the privilege of celebrating Joe’s graduation from the New Life Program last week.  It quickly became evident that Joe’s success was the whole community’s success.  As testimonies were shared and comments made, one truth was emphasized over and over – God puts us in community to bless, encourage, lift up and help one another.  For Joe and many other men and women – residents and staff alike – the Mission becomes a community where we help and are helped, we bless and are blessed.  We tip out hats to Joe and his wife – to their commitment to persevere in love with God and one another while Joe completed the New Life Program.

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A Video Glimpse of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Video Screen Shot

Thanksgiving At The Mission from K2 Media on Vimeo.

A look at the celebration that takes place at the Mission every year on Thanksgiving day. Its a day where those at the mission get to reflect on what God is doing in their lives and enjoy tons of food!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.” -Psalm 118:1

Song: Love Take Me Over
Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

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Helping dads be dads through toys


New toys help dads at the Mission connect with their kids and grandkids over Christmas. For some of the men, this is the first time in a long while they’ve been able to give anything to their kids. During our toy giveaway, dads and grand-dads actually select the specific unwrapped toys that they want to give to their children.

After lovingly selecting toys for each individual child, the dads and grand-dads wrap and label each gift.  Each man is able to give one or two main gifts and about 5 or 6 stocking-stuffers to each child (including some things too big to fit in a stocking, like board games, coloring books, puzzles and the like!).


In all, the 55 men who call the Mission home while working to rebuild their lives were able to reach out to 186 of their children and grandchildren with over 1,300 toys.  Some graduates were able to join in, too, bringing the total number of children up to 200 and the gifts to over 1,400!

Big thanks to everyone who donated awesome toys and to those volunteers whose help made things go so smoothly!  Your gifts were presents not only to the children of men at the Mission, but they were gifts to the men themselves.  You gave the gift of giving, opening up the door for men to be blessed as they give good gifts to their children. 

Please keep praying with us that God would help the men of the Mission be the best dads they can be to their precious children by God’s grace and because of the love of Jesus, our Emmanuel whose birth we celebrate with these gifts! Thanks!!

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Video: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace from K2 Media on Vimeo.

God’s Grace is Greater than Our Past
How exciting to know that despite our past, God invites us into his family and graciously give us a new identity! No matter how great our sin is, His amazing grace is greater still.
Song: How Sweet The Sound
Artist: Citizen Way


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Giving Thanks!

img_6300Mission family gathered together on Thanksgiving to celebrate God’s goodness together.  Graduates, residents, staff and visitors alike shared testimonies of how God picks up the fallen and encourages the weak, how he brings us to places of rest and safety like the Mission, and how he lavishes his love and grace on us! We sang and shared testimonies of grace in our Thanksgiving Service, and then we feasted like kings and enjoyed sweet fellowship around the tables!

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Brian’s Story

Men of The Mission- Brian from K2 Media on Vimeo.

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Meet John, Greg, Neil and Herb

IMG_5602We recently had the joy of celebrating four very special graduations this September.  John, Greg, Neil and Herb each completed the Mission’s rigorous New Life Program, is gainfully employed and no longer homeless.  They all testified at their graduation ceremony that God has done great things in their lives.

They spoke of moving from a place of despair to one of hope and purpose.  As Neil said, “I just feel different now.  God has changed me, and it’s pretty cool!”  They each continue to work hard  as productive, contributing members of their communities.  Please join us in celebrating their perseverance and accomplishments!

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Rodney’s Story

Men of the Mission- Rodney from K2 Media on Vimeo.


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New Life Graduation!


We rejoice with Joey, Jeff, Will and Rizzo as they graduate from the Mission’s New Life Program.  Since coming to the Mission’s residential New Life Job Readiness Program, each of them has overcome numerous obstacles, obtained employment, secured permanent housing and has moved out on his own.



IMG_5220 IMG_5238 IMG_5273

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Sylvester’s Story

Sylvester reminds us that “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36). After battling alcoholism for many years, Sylvester has found freedom in Christ and hopes to one day be in ministry helping others find the freedom he has found.

Men of the Mission- Sylvester from K2 Media on Vimeo.


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