Staff gather around Chad, Kisho, and Colbert at their graduation.

Every New Life Program graduation represents at least six months of very hard work! In order to graduate, a man must be enjoying a lifestyle of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, be gainfully employed, be financially stable, and have his own place to move into.

Each graduate has his own story of trials, setbacks, and accomplishments along the journey to this point. At our graduation ceremonies, graduates have a chance to share a bit of that story with the men currently in the New Life Program. These testimonies are always an encouragement to staff and residents alike. They are reminders of what God can do, even in the most formidable of circumstances!

Colbert shares a word of encouragement with the Mission family at his graduation ceremony.
In the process of moving out, new grad Sophan pauses for a photo with our Admin Manager, Marcia, who gave him his New Home Welcome Bin, an award check for 50% of his security deposit/move-in expense, and a handmade quilt for his new place!
Kisho thanked the Lord for all He’s done.
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