Pounding the Pavement!


Cordie is seeking full-time employment

Being in the New Life Program is hard work! After three months of preparation in the Foundations Phase of the Program and armed with a sharp resume, strong letters of reference and a top-notch self-marketing package, men enter the Careers Phase and begin their job search.

For some men, especially those over 50 years old, it can be a challenging and long search. Please pray for our men as they faithfully press on – making over 10 job contacts each week, going door to door in shopping malls, checking in regularly with CareerLink, attending countless job fairs, networking with friends and family, and scouring the web for leads and online applications.


Rodney is seeking full-time employment

Pray especially for men like Cordie and Rodney who have been diligently searching for a long time.

You can help!

Take a picture of the help wanted sign at any company, store or restaurant you come across in your travels throughout the Philadelphia area and email it to Heather along with any other full-time job leads you have at  hrice@whosoevergospel.org. Thanks!

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