From the Director ~ April 2016

Bob at Colorado Monument

Bob at the Colorado Monument

Dear Friend of the Mission,

At the end of March, my wife Marcia and I visited our son, daughter-in-law and 4 precious granddaughters in Grand Junction, Colorado. My son Jason is an Assistant Pastor of a church in Grand Junction. We certainly had a wonderful time with our son’s family – we can never spend enough time with our granddaughters!

jason tina and the girls 2016

Bob’s son Jason with his wife Tina and their four daughters

Grand Junction, Colorado is a very beautiful part of our country. On one side of the Grand Valley where Grand Junction is situated is the Grand Mesa, a majestic 11,000 ft. high flat mountain. On the other side of the Grand Valley is the Colorado National Monument, a beautiful national park filled with amazing rock formations, ravines, and breathtaking panoramas.

As beautiful as this scenery is, the amazing grace transformations that take place in the lives of our men are even more beautiful.

A view from the Colorado National Monument

A view from the Colorado National Monument

On a daily basis, we have the joy and privilege of seeing God rebuild and transform shattered lives that have been damaged and destroyed by addiction, childhood trauma, street violence, the terrible consequences that come from poor choices, incarceration, serious health problems, unjust treatment from others, a poor education, and deep poverty that is impossible to escape apart from someone giving you a hand-up. Through our life-changing ministry, we have seen God bring beauty out of ashes, turn mourning into joy, give hope to the hopeless, and even put Humpty Dumpty back together again – doing the impossible for our men.

Your kind and generous support keeps the Mission going as a place where every day the Lord makes happen these wonderful transformations in the lives of our men. Thank you in advance for your financial support. Please also take a look at our enclosed Spring and Summer Needs List. Whether you give cash or items on our needs list, your gifts will be used to help our men rebuild their lives brick by brick. And most exciting of all, the Lord will use your gifts to transform the lives of our men so that they truly become masterpieces of God’s amazing grace.

Joyfully working together wtih you,

Bob signature

Robert A. Emberger, D.Min.
Executive Director

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