From the Director ~ March 2016

Bob with his wife Marcia and their 4 granddaughters

Bob with his wife Marcia and their 4 granddaughters

Celebrating families – how the Lord has used the Whosoever Gospel Mission to restore, rebuild, strengthen and bless the families of our men over the last 124 years!

Dear Friend of the Mission,

All of us come from a family. And whatever we do, whether it be good or bad, affects our families. The homeless men who come to the Mission for help are no different than any of us. They have families, and in most cases the families of our men have been deeply hurt and damaged by the choices and actions of our men. In some cases, our men’s families have been shattered into a thousand hopeless pieces of broken dreams and crushing heartache. But we have good news for the homeless men who live at the Mission – God loves families, and God cares deeply about the families of our men. We believe that the Lord wants to heal, rebuild and make strong the broken and shattered families of our men. Over the years, we have seen firsthand God wondrously restore our men to their families, we have seen the Lord make whole and healthy the damaged families of our men, and we have seen new families established in which God is at the center of the family. Through your kind and generous support, we are able to love homeless men with the love of Christ, we are able to provide for their basic needs, and we are able to equip them with the vital skills and resources they need to enjoy a fulfilling life, a lifestyle of recovery from addiction, a good job, their own place to live they can call home, and long-term success as productive, contributing members of society. And perhaps best of all, through your support, we are also able to help our men restore, rebuild, strengthen and bless their families.

On Saturday night, April 9th beginning at 6:30 p.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m., please join us for our second annual Night of Celebration. The Whosoever Gospel Mission will be celebrating 124 years of God’s grace in the lives and families of the hundreds and thousands of homeless men who have entered our doors over the years. Refreshments will follow at 8:00 p.m. after the program. Calvary Presbyterian Church in Willow Grove, PA is graciously opening up their church for this event. I hope you can join us. This wonderful event is free, and you can bring as many people as you like. Reservations are not required, and please feel free to dress casually. We are looking forward to a great night filled with much joy and celebration. All of the details are included here. I look forward to seeing you on April 9th.

Warmly yours,

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Robert A. Emberger, D.Min.
Executive Director

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