Getting Ready to Work

The New Life Program’s hands-on workforce development training prepares men to be job-ready, setting them up for success at work and in life.

The Mission’s New Life Program is designed to equip any man who enters it with everything he needs to exit the cycle of homelessness and addiction and to flourish as a self-supporting, integral member of his community. A key aspect of that flourishing is finding meaningful employment that leads to a rewarding career, not just a job.
In addition to the provision of basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, access to medical care, etc.) and all of the classroom instruction, counseling, and spiritual care that participants in the Mission’s New Life Program receive, each man has the opportunity to put that instruction into practice. By participating in our hands-on workforce development program, men have the chance to fine-tune old skills and develop new ones as they prepare to launch their job search and secure gainful employment as a vital step toward regaining independence.

“Being a part of the Mission’s work program is helping me build my resume. I’m also learning how to stay focused. It’s also helping me become more comfortable interacting with and opening up to new people.” ~Chris
“The work program is helping me restructure my foundation. It’s giving me a sense of responsibility, helping with my time management, and developing leadership skills. It’s also helping me fill certain gaps on my resume.” ~ DJ
“The work program helps me in several ways. It helps me to be able to deal with people. It also helps me practice using my integrity to do the right thing and follow the rules. I’m also learning how to take advice and how to give it to others.” ~ James
We also outfit men with everything they need to dress for success! Here James and Darius pose with brand-new ties they won in a fun game in our Professional & Vocational Development Class.
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